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Welcome to the official website of the Presbyterian Reformed Church.  On this site, you will find information about the PRC, such as our Basis of Union, Subordinate Standards, and other documents which express the denomination’s identity.  The Constitution of the Presbyterian Reformed Church is found in the Basis of Union.  The Subordinate Standards are the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, and the Westminster Directory for Worship.  The denomination’s and its office-bearers’ commitment to these documents is described in the Basis of Union.  The Form of Government is not a constitutional document, but is appended to the Constitution by an Act of Presbytery.

You will also find articles by PRC ministers and others (past and present) relating to our Subordinate Standards and distinctives.  While they have gone through an editing process and a measure of peer review, these are not binding position papers and the views expressed in them are not necessarily those of the PRC as a denomination or of all of its office-bearers.  Writers enjoy freedom of expression in articulating their understanding of the Reformed Faith as it is found in our Standards; and the copyright to their material remains theirs.  These articles are to be found in the digitized versions of past issues of the Presbyterian Reformed Church Magazine and on our Articles and Reviews page.

Sermons attached to this site have not been edited and belong to the preacher.

Finally, it is our understanding at the news and announcements given on this website are accurate at the time of posting.  Please confirm details with the contact person mentioned in the post.

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