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The Puritan Principle of Worship
Dr. William Young

While Dr Young’s addresses on the Westminster Larger Catechism continue to be added to the PRC website, we wish to remind readers of his longer articles and papers.  The one presented here is “The Puritan Principle of Worship”.  This paper was originally delivered on December 18, 1959, at the Puritan Conference in London.  It was expanded and serialised in J. G. Vos’s Blue Banner of Faith and Life (Vol. 14-16, 1959-61) and later printed as a pamphlet by the PRC.  Lastly, it was included in Reformation Heritage Books’ collection of Dr Young’s sermons and articles, edited by Joel Beeke and Ray Lanning, and titled Reformed Thought: Selected Writings of William Young.  We bring this paper to your attention not only for its own sake but also to whet your appetite for more of Dr Young’s longer writings.

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