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Lindsay Edward Smallidge; May 29, 1962 – Dec. 2, 2015


Lindsay was diagnosed with Amyloidosis and Multiple Myeloma in the spring of 2011.  These conditions affected his major organs, especially his kidneys.  While many gruelling treatments brought a measure of remission, Lindsay was on dialysis from that time until his death.  During the years of his illness and even in recent months, Lindsay continued to serve the Columbus congregation by facilitating the services, either reading sermons or setting up broadcast messages when there was no supply.  Even with his serious chronic condition, his death came suddenly, when he collapsed at home after returning from a dialysis session.

Recently, Lindsay’s wife of 28 years, Robin, was diagnosed as having inoperable brain tumours, and is herself now going through arduous treatment. We commend her, and Lindsay’s step-children and step-grandchildren, to that Friend who sticks closer than a brother, or a spouse, and ask you to join with us in our prayers for them.

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