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Ten Marks of a Family Friendly Church

1. The Gospel is preached.

Recognizing that all are born dead in sin, are by nature children of wrath, are in great need of the gospel of salvation, and not presumed to already possess Christ and His saving benefits, all are called on to believe on Christ, receive Him and trust in Him alone for salvation.

2. The whole counsel of God/Scripture is taught.

All Scripture is profitable and it takes a well balanced diet for a healthy soul. This includes the biblical instruction pertaining to the family; the instruction/catechizing of children formally or informally.

3. Experimental religion is prized, practiced, and encouraged.

To have the accomplished redemption of Christ applied is to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. Experimental religion is the testing (experiment) of one’s experience (experiential), life, or walk, by the touchstone of Scripture; looking for the fruits of faith, examining themselves to see if they are in the faith.

4. Proper administration of the sacraments.

Infant baptism and the promises associated with it is practiced. Those that lack a credible profession of faith, as well as the years and ability to examine themselves, are precluded from the Table, but are encouraged to make such a profession before men.

5. Creedal subscription for office bearers.

The elders subscribe to a clear statement of what they believe the Scriptures to teach, thus holding to the truths of the faith delivered to the saints. This, of course, ties into a theological tradition which keeps the church, hence her members and families, from being blown about by every wind of doctrine.

6. Biblical church government.

Biblical church government is presbyterian in form, which entails a proper view of authority, discipline, and oversight, including regular elder visitation in the home. This also implies a proper view of the church in relation to both civil and domestic government. The issue of oversight also includes the notion that the visible church elders have their limitations concerning the personal or private lives of their members; ultroneous meddling is to be avoided. A proper relation between duty and liberty of conscience is to be understood.

7. Biblical worship.

Bringing one’s children into the gates of Zion, calling upon them to worship God, is to glorify God. Worshipping as God commands sets the heart to live as God commands, and not by the fancies of peers and culture.

8. Godly adult examples of piety.

The church’s chief end is not centered around the children, nor is its course dictated by them. As Paul encourages Timothy, his son in the faith, to follow his example, so children are to have and follow the example of godly adults.

9. Family worship is promoted.

Heads of the household are to daily bring the Word of God to those under their charge, leading them in psalms and prayers.

10. The communion of the saints.

While individual households are important, God loves the gates of Zion. The individuals in Christ form the body of Christ and share in that communion.

From Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church

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