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The Liberia Project Update

Jn. 8:31&32 – “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 

and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

Here are the students who gathered on September 16th for a course on ‘Old Testament Survey’ we are conducting in Paynesville at the Orthodox Trinity Bible Church. Pastor Elijah Debah is coordinating this course for us.

The rainy season is now over in Liberia and the new school year has begun.  The Liberia Project continues to coordinate Bible Training and Officer Training classes with the six reformed congregations with whom we are presently partnering.  We are conducting three of these courses consisting of forty-eight lectures and discussion periods this year.  We have between fifteen and twenty students in each course. The classes are conducted all day on a Saturday once a month from September through April.  We provide all the students with a healthy meal on that day. Pastor Worrell plans to attend the classes in April, and provide each of the students who have completed the course work a certificate of completion and a gift of a Christian book.

We are conducting a course on Basic Christianity utilizing the Shorter Catechism in Johnsonville at the Mission Faith Church.  Pastor William N’gafuan is coordinating this course for us.

In addition, we are conducting a course on ‘The Theology of the Bible’ utilizing the Westminster Confession of Faith in Yekepa at First Presbyterian Church.  Pastor Emery Ghicam is coordinating this course for us.

The Banner of Truth ( has graciously provided textbooks for all of the students gathered in these classes.

We hope to be able to offer one additional course next year as the Lord provides.  Please pray that the students in these courses will profit spiritually as they feed upon the Word of God.

The Liberia Project

780 Reservoir Ave., #211; Cranston, RI 02910           

USA803.262.3522 / Liberia: 088.660.4370

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