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The Liberia Project Quarterly Update – Winter 2017 A.D.

The following is an update on our mission work in Liberia, and was submitted by Rev. Tim Worrell

We continue to teach a course one Saturday each month at the Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church in the Battery Factory area of Monrovia. The subject of the course is ‘A Survey of Christian Theology’ utilizing the Westminster Confession of Faith as a guide.

There have been approximately forty men in attendance each month since the course started in August.  Pastor Tim Worrell plans to complete the course material in Aprilof this year during his planned visit.  Here is a picture of the men gathered after meeting together on January 21st.

The Banner of Truth Trust has kindly provided us with a number of excellent books to start a lending library so that the Pastors we are currently assisting will have some help in the preparation of their sermons and lectures to their sheep.

We continue to support the education of six orphans at Mother Kebbeh School.  Pastor Sabato Kehdon of the Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church teaches Bible at the school.  Here is a picture of the children taken recently before school.

We also support two young men in their studies at African Bible College.  Their names are Eastman Sibley and Kesselle Kessely. They are both freshman and appear to be doing well in their studies. Here is a picture of Kesselle.

In addition, we are supporting an evangelistic effort by several students at the African Bible College in Yekepa.  The following men are routinely traveling to the town of Karnplay and preaching the gospel.  A number of residents of the community have indicated that they have come to faith in Jesus Christ and have requested that worship services by held on the Lord’s Day.  Pastors Tim Worrell (PRC) and Bruce McDowell (Tenth Presbyterian PCA) hope to visit these folks in Karnplay during their scheduled visit in April to evaluate what the Lord is doing there and how we can be of assistance. Below is a picture of three of the four students engaged in this evangelistic effort: Lawrence Kamara, Robert Luqui, and Thomas Tokpah.

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